We offer a variety of services here at CNG Technologies of Utah from full conversions from Gasoline to Bi-fuel CNG to servicing your CNG vehicles for repair. Whether it is factory Ford, Honda, Dodge, or a custom CNG kit we can service it all!

Ford GFI Systems

With the increasing demand and decreasing availability of GFI replacement parts (compuvalve, electronic tank valve, regulator), CNG Technologies recognized the need for an alternative to the necessity of GFI parts. CNG Technologies has invested significant time in the research and development of creating a solution for this problem. As a result we are able to offer the repair of various components in the Ford GFI system at a fraction of the cost of replacement. While it is impossible to repair every component in every situation we have had a high success rate in salvaging parts that were diagnosed as faulty by other repair facilities.

Chevy Impco Systems

Unlike the Ford system, Chevy has a healthy supply of replacement parts for their factory systems. However the cost of such parts is just shy of unreasonable. CNG Technologies has developed several methods of reducing the cost by using compatible aftermarket parts.

Honda Civic

Like the Ford systems, Honda utilizes a small number of GFI components in its system. We have had success, as with the Fords, in repairing rather than replacing these parts. Honda also has many proprietary components used in the system of which we have extensive experience in servicing.